Ayble Health and Mayo Clinic Unveil Integrated Care Model for Digestive Health Patients, Tailored for Employers and Health Plans

BOSTON, Nov 27, 2023 — Ayble Health, a digital health platform for patientswith chronic gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, today announced a newcollaboration with the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program to create a hybrid care model fordigestive health that matches patients with the appropriate virtual andin-person care based on acuity and need. This unique collaboration is availablefor large employers and health plans.


Morethan 70 million Americans, or 25% of the commercially insuredpopulation, live with chronic GI conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which present with a range ofpainful and persistent symptoms like pain, fatigue, constipation and diarrhea.Digestive conditions generate $140 billion in healthcare costs each year – morethan heart disease, trauma and mental health-related issues – making it thefourth largest driver of employee-related healthcare costs. Beyond these directcosts, digestive symptoms can be severe, leading to meaningful impacts on workproductivity and absenteeism: employees with gut health issues miss or are lessproductive for at least 11 workdays each month, or a total of over 130 dayseach year.


Aswith many chronic conditions, digestive diseases present heterogeneously,meaning that healthcare costs vary based on the type and severity of thecondition, and severity often fluctuates based on where a patient is in his orher journey. A one-size-fits-all solution (often, a virtual clinic model)cannot meet the needs of every patient across all levels of acuity and usuallyonly cost-effectively addresses 30-40% of the population: the high-cost basisof care means these models are too expensive for low-medium acuity patients,and these models cannot provide the hands-on, multidisciplinary care requiredfor complex patients.


Aybleand the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program match patient acuity with theappropriate virtual, in-person or combined virtual and in-person care. Ayble’splatform provides evidence-based nutrition and psychology programs fordigestive patients, supported by a team of expert coaches. The Mayo ClinicComplex Care Program breaks down barriers to high-quality multidisciplinary GIcare by offering expedited scheduling with Mayo Clinic experts and an employeror health plan-sponsored travel and lodging benefit for patients who need toreceive care in-person at Mayo Clinic. In matching the right care for the rightpatient at the right time, Mayo Clinic and Ayble aim to significantly improveoutcomes and improve costs for digestive diseases.


“Digestivehealth patients often move from low to high acuity over the course of theirdisease, making caring for this population a complex problem to solve. Throughthis collaboration, Ayble and Mayo Clinic are creating a hybrid care model andseamless patient experience that maximizes cost savings for employers and planswho are committed to delivering digestive health benefits to their employeesand members,” said Sam Jactel, founder and CEO, Ayble. “Mayo Clinic has beenranked number one in GI care for almost 35 years and is at the forefront GIresearch in pursuit of better treatments for patients. This makes them aperfect collaborator for Ayble, which has published the largest, mostsustainable clinical outcomes in gastroenterology.”


Benefitingfrom the Ayble and Mayo Clinic collaboration is simple for employers and healthplans. Employers see reduced absenteeism from their employees, benefit fromenhanced employee productivity, and can be assured that their workforce isreceiving care tailored to their unique needs.


Aftera review of the relevant employee or member population, there is a streamlinedcontracting process enabling customers to go live in weeks, not months. Aybleand Mayo Clinic handle all education to employees and members and a dedicatedaccount manager provides regular reporting and insights on outcomes.


“We’re excited to work with Ayble Health tobetter help individuals get exactly the GI care they need,” said Elizabeth Rice, M.B.A., SeniorDirector of the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program. “Not every GI patientneeds to travel to Mayo Clinic for care, many can be well-managed via the Aybleplatform. However, if a patient becomes more complex, the ability to seamlesslyexpedite access to Mayo Clinic experts can result in better outcomes and improvedpatient experience.”


About Ayble Health

AybleHealth is a digital health platform empowering patients with chronic GIconditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory boweldisease (IBD) to manage their care beyond the pill. Ayble combines the largestGI behavioral health database in the world with its proprietary machinelearning algorithms to build personalized, predictive care for every patient -all with the human touch of a licensed care team. Ayble’s platform is built on20 years of research, including publications in Gastroenterology, InflammatoryBowel Diseases and Clinical & Translational Gastroenterology, and it isaccredited by the American Nutrition Association. Patients can find Ayblethrough their physician partners, employers, insurers or directly online. Visitayblehealth.com.


About Mayo Clinic 
Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organizationcommitted to innovation in clinical practice, education and research, and toproviding compassion, expertise and answers to everyone who needs healing.





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